Denis A. Shkarovsky

Date of birth: May 12, 1972

Education: Institute of atomic engineering (IATE) Obninsk (1989-1995) "Physical-power faculty ", speciality - " Nuclear power reactors and installations ", the diploma - "Engineer - physicist".
The Moscow institute of foreign languages (MIFL) (1995-1999), speciality - "philology", the diploma - " the teacher - translator of English and German languages ".
PhD (2000).

Professional experience: Development of program MCU, development of means of visualization for program MCU, performance of calculations by a method of Monte Carlo, development of various converters for communication(connection) MCU and other programs, development of means of the simplified data input for MCU at calculation of concrete systems. A plenty of translations (English and German languages) of various kind and subjects.

Areas of interests: Visualization, music, programming

More than 50 publications. (All publications in one zip file)