Mark S. Yudkevich

Date of birth: September 27, 1933

Education: Moscow Engineering-physical institute, faculty of theoretical and experimental physics (1951-1957). Speciality – physics of nuclear reactors. The candidate of physical and mathematical sciences (1967).

Professional experience: Physic-Power Institute (1957-1967), RRC "Kurchatov Institute" (from 1967). I.V.Kurchatov premium (RRC KI) for the best scientific work of the year, 1995. The author/co-author of software, including MCU – the universal code realizing a method of Monte Carlo; BURNUP – the program of calculation of change of isotope composition of a reactor during operation.

Scientific interests: Physics of nuclear reactors, transport of neutrons, cross-sections of neutron reactions, precision calculations of neutron-physical parameters of reactors.

The list of the literature: All more than 100 works. References to the basic works below are given below.

1. Л.В. Майоров, М.С. Юдкевич. Нейтронно-физические константы в расчётах реакторов на тепловых нейтронах. Москва, Энергоатомиздат, 1988.

2. М.С. Юдкевич. Константное обеспечение реакторных программ. В сборнике "Теоретические исследования по физике уран-водных решёток типа ВВЭР". Budapest, 1993.

M. Yudkevich. Nuclear data for reactor codes. In book "Theoretical Investigations of the Physical Properties of WWER-Type Uranium-water Lattices". Budapest, 1994.

3. M.S. Yudkevich. Neutronics Experimental Benchmarks for the Utilization of Mixed-Oxide Fuel – Verification of the Reference Monte Carlo Codes Applied to Water-Moderated Reactors with MOX Fuel. Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 2001. ORNL/SUB/99-B99398V-5.