Michael A. Kalugin

Date of birth: September 12, 1966

Education: The Faculty of Technical Physics in Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute (Technical University) (MEPhI)(1983-1989). Major: "Nuclear Reactors and Facilities".Honorary Diploma: Engineer-Physicist (March 1989). PhD.

Professional Experience: The nuclear reactor theory. Neutron transport in complex media. The theory and practice of the Monte Carlo Method. Nuclear data, application data libraries. Neutron cross section calculations. Physics and application programming. Co-Author of the MCU general purpose code, intended to analyse neutron and photon transport in complex media and to solve nuclear reactor problems using the Monte Carlo method. The MCU code is widely used in Russia in practice of benchmark reactor calculations. Co-Author of set of techniques, included in the modern MCU versions: - technique for verification of design fine mesh algorithms; - the ALIGR technique for the variance reduction - ORIMCU and ORI4F burnup calculations modules; - PKD - a code system used for the numerical modeling of the radiation fields from the energy sources inside the containment in accident condition. The dose rate is calculated by design point kernel method; - MCU-FCP code for spectral calculations on nuclear reactors with use of Collision Probabilities method in the arbitrary 2-D and 3-D geometry. To take into account the scattering anisotropy the PN approximation is used.

1989 - 1992 : Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute, department of Nuclear Reactors Physics. 1992 until present time: RRC "Kurchatov Institute". Current position: Head of the Division

Professional Activities: Encourage Kurchatov Premium (RRC KI) for the "Best Scientific Work among Young Scientists", 1997, 1998.

Personal Interests: History of Russia, literature.

More than 100 publications. (All publications in one zip file)

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