Michael I. Gurevich

Date of birth: November 25, 1947

Education:The Mechanic and Mathematics Faculty of the Moscow University (1965-1970), speciality: “Mathematics”. PhD from United Institute of Nuclear Research (Dubna), 1979 , Doctor of Science from the Keldish Institute of Applied Mathematics, 1995.

Professional Experience: The system programming. The creation of the operating systems. Co-Author of the OS DUBNA of the BESM-6 computer. The nuclear reactor theory. Neutron transport in complex media. The theory and practice of the Monte Carlo Method. The theory and practice of the elaboration of the geometry module including the Woodcock’s one. Co-Author of the MCU general purpose code, intended to analyze neutron and photon transport in complex media and to solve nuclear reactor problems using the Monte Carlo method. The MCU code is widely used in Russia in practice of benchmark reactor calculations. The method of the First Collision Probabilities. The similarity solution for the nonlinear heat equations. The 3-dimensional modeling of superconductors (main electric characteristics).
1970 to present: RRC Kurchatov Institute (the current position is chief scientist).
Professor of The Chair of System Integration and Management of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Professional Activities: Kurchatov Premium (RRC KI) for the "Best Scientific Work ", 1992.

Personal Interests: History, Literature, Walking.

More than 150 publications. (All publications in one zip file)