Lev V. Maiorov
18.07.1933 – †15.02.2005


The remarkable, talented person, the known scientist, the veteran of atomic engineering and the industry, main scientific employee INR RRC KI, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Lev Maiorov has suddenly died.

Lev Maiorov was born on July, 18 1933 in village Chernuha of the Arzamas area of Gorki area. After graduating from Physical Faculty of the Moscow State University in 1956 Lev Maiorov worked in V.A.Steklov Mathematical Institute. He quickly started independent scientific activity, chose a direction - " physics of thermalization of neutrons". At this time he began to cooperate actively with LIPAN - with V.I.Mostovoy, providing the theoretical analysis of experimental researches. For a cycle of works on the given subjects Lev Maiorov within the group of scientists received the State premium of the USSR.

This co-operation has predetermined transition of Lev Maiorov in 1965 to I.V.Kurchatov IAE, firstly in L.V.Groshev's department, and then - in sector 68 of the Department of the Nuclear reactors headed by J.V.Shevelev. All further scientific activity of Lev Maiorov was on the subjects of this sector - development of methods of calculation of nuclear reactors. Here he received a number of fundamental results of a world level.

The beginning of this period has coincided with active introduction of powerful COMPUTERS. Lev Maiorov with his usual activity participated in the organization of modern computer center of the Institute and putting BESM-6 into operation. Within several years he headed the department of computer facilities.

Unprecedented earlier computing capacities have allowed a new look on exotic at that time method of Monte Carlo and to think of its practical application to calculate nuclear reactors. For creation of a program complex for the decision of the transport equation by a method of Monte Carlo, free from any restrictions on complexity of geometry and on physics of interaction of neutrons with nucleus, the big organizing work was completely necessary besides deep understanding of all physical and mathematical aspects of a problem. Here L.V.Maiorov has brightly proved in both qualities. The program complex for the decision of the neutron transport equation by means of the Monte Carlo method created under his management concerns to the most recognized in the world and continues to develop.

Close communication of theoretical work of Lev Maiorov with the decision of applied problems has affected also his long-term active participation in work of the international collective on researches of reactors VVER.

Lev Maiorov received the I.V.Kurchatov premium several times.

He constantly was engaged in education of young scientists, and his first pupils received doctor degrees.

In his life Maiorov was the bright person: the goalkeeper of combined football team at the faculty, the participant of university amateur performance, the author of many flashing verses and cheerful draws. He had many friends and was always ready to help them.

Lev Maiorov actively participated in scientific life of Kurchatov Institute. He was a member of Academic councils, labour committee, jury of competition of scientific works on I.V.Kurchatov premium, the commissions on computer facilities... He knew almost everybody in the Institute. He was charming, unselfish person absolutely deprived career aspirations.

With his death Kurchatov Institute and Institute of Nuclear Reactors have lost the oustanding employee, one of those who defines his high scientific level.

Many of us have lost the true friend.

(Published in Atomic Energy, Publisher: Consultants Bureau, An Imprint of Springer Verlag New York LLC., ISSN: 1063-4258 (Paper) 1573-8205 (Online), Issue: Volume 98, Number 4 , Date: April 2005, Page: 318)