Lily Parujrovna and Armen Artavazdovich Abagyan
(19.06.1933-18.11.2005) (01.01.1933-18.11.2005)

Lily and Armen

Two fine persons died — Lily Parujrovna Abagyan, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences leading scientific employee RRC "Kurchatov Institute" and Armen Artavazdovich Abagyan, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of sciences, General director of VNIIAES, the assistant to the General director of concern "Rosenergoatom". It is intolerable loss for their relatives and friends, for everyone who knew them. It is a huge loss for each of us and for our cause.

Lily and Armen were harmonious high moral people, people of high culture and deep intelligence. They have created a happy family where all generations are connected by love and friendship, fidelity and respect, where people are proud of successes and achievements of senior and younger. They have left remarkable children, grandsons and the great-grandson —beautiful and talented as they were.

Lily and Armen started their work in Institute for Physics and Power Engineering in 1956, she — after Physical Faculty of Moscow State University, he — after MEPhI.

Lily was engaged in calculations and evaluation of nuclear constants, actively participated in development of databanks. The result of this work became world famous system of constants ABBN (L.P.Abagyan, N.O.Bazazjants, I.I.Bondarenko, M.N.Nikolaev) for calculation of nuclear reactors. Everyone who is engaged in reactor calculations is familiar with this system — one of several systems of the constants recognized by the world community of reactor physicists.

From 1977 Lily worked in RRC "Kurchatov Institute" where, using her experience actively joined in works on maintenance of constants for precision calculations of reactors. She brought the huge contribution to development of the MCU complex of programs and libraries of constants — the basic Russian code for calculation of nuclear reactors and transport of radiations by the Monte-Carlo method. Her role in formation of team of MCU developers can scarcely be exaggerated.

Armen's works on radiation protection and nuclear-power installations of special purpose executed in IPPE are widely known. In parallel with work in IPPE he had been giving a course of lectures in Obninsk branch of MEPhI about the theory of transport of radiations.

Being appointed in 1976 the scientific work assistant of NPO "Energy" director Armen became one of the founders of VNIIAES. He headed VNIIAES in 1984 and was engaged in formation of basic scientific directions of the Institute, the decision of actual problems of operation and a safety of nuclear power plants.

Works of Lily and Armen brought them world popularity and recognition.

Everyone who was lucky to communicate with Lily and Armen, felt the heat proceeded from them. Probably, it was heat of the earth of their native land saturated by the sun, communication with which they never lost, taking close to heart everything, that had been occurring there.

Perhaps, therefore somewhere at the bottom of fine eyes of Lily it was possible to distinguish sometimes wise grief and intimate sorrow as if centuries of history of people of her nation emerged from the depth of her soul. It seemed, her eyes radiated this heat and light of the Armenian earth, cleanliness and depth of the Armenian sky — all these Sarian paintings of Armenia. They radiated kindness and understanding. It was always well and easy near to Lily. She was always surrounded by good people. Those who got in her circle were happy. And everyone who was near — family, friends, colleagues — infinitely loved her.

And the only thing where we can search for a consolation is that Lily and Armen passed away together, none of them has outlived another. As old books wrote, "they lived long and happily and have died in one day".