Abagjan L.P., Alekseev N.I., Glushkov A.E., Gomin E.A., Gurevich M.I., Majorov L.V., Shkarovsky D.A., Yudkevich M.S.

The MCU-RFFI/P code is intended for calculations of neutron physic characteristics of different nuclear reactors. The Monte Carlo method and evaluated neutron data are used to perform the calculations. No approximation is required to describe the geometry of the system to be calculated.

The code is intended for use on cluster with distributed memory and MPI language.

The MCU-RFFI/P code is a new version of the MCU-RFFI code with corrected errors (found during the period from January 1995) and with a new geometry module NCG, which makes it easier to prepare geometry data.

The code is intended for study and research purposes only.

The results obtained by MCU-RFFI/P cannot be used for verification of the design projects and nuclear safety. The code MCU-RFFI/A – which is certified by Russian Nuclear Safety Authority to calculate criticality of many neutron breeding systems may be recommended for such purposes.

The code is no longer distributed. We recommend MCU-FREE instead.