The MCU-PTR Code

Alekseev N.I., Bolshagin S.N., Bryzgalov V.I., Gomin E.A., Gorodkov S.S., Gurevich M.I., Kalugin M.A., Kulakov A.S., Marin S.V., Nasonov V.A., Oleynik D.S., Prjanichnikov A.V., Shkarovsky D.A., Yudkevich M.S.

Software registration certificate N2010613724.

Passport of the code N320.

MCU-PTR with its data bank MDBPT50 is intended for the simulation of neutron and photon transport by means of analog and non-analog Monte-Carlo method. It is based on the evaluated nuclear data. It allows calculations of systems with three-dimensional geometry, taking into account changes in isotopic composition of the materials without making any approximations in the geometry of the system.

The code is written in Fortran 90/95 and uses dynamical memory allocation.

The code is parallelized and may be installed on personal computers and supercomputers with a Fortran compiler and MPI (Message Passing Interface) installed. In any case a computer with a Windows operating system is required to generate the Fortran text of the code for compilation.