Alekseev N.I., Androsenko P.A., Bolshagin S.N., Bryzgalov V.I., Gomin E.A., Gorodkov S.S., Gurevich M.I., Kalugin M.A., Kulakov A.S., Marin S.V., Oleynik D.S., Prjanichnikov A.V., Shkarovsky D.A., Yudkevich M.S.

Software registration certificate N2010613800.

The MCU-FREE code is intended for the simulation of neutron transport by means of analog and non-analog Monte-Carlo method. It is based on the evaluated nuclear data. It allows calculations of systems with three-dimensional geometry, taking into account changes in isotopic composition of the materials without making any approximations in the geometry of the system.

The MCU-FREE code is based on the MCU-5 package and has all the basic properties of codes based on this package: dynamic allocation of memory, multiprocessing.

In terms of the modules used the following difference exist in contrast to the similar MCU-RFFI(/2,/3) code based on the MCU-4 package. MCU-FREE contains a module calculating burnup, and to simulate the interaction of neutrons in the thermalization region there is only the FIMTOEN module (continuous tracking of the neutron energy using a pointwise representation of cross sections) and there is no MOFITTG module (multigroup transport approximation).

The code is intended for study and research purposes only.

The results obtained by means of any version of MCU-FREE cannot be used for verification of the design projects and nuclear safety. The code MCU-RFFI/A – which is certified by Russian Nuclear Safety Authority to calculate criticality of many neutron breeding systems may be recommended for such purposes.

The code is distributed as a freeware within the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, it may only be sold abroad. The decision is taken on each request separately.