Fields of application

Various applied codes of MCU family have specific features and areas of use. In aggregate they allow to solve the following problems:

  • evaluation of criticality and nuclear safety of nuclear objects;

  • simulation of campaigns of nuclear reactors of various type;

  • simulation of radiation protection , evaluation of radiation safety;

  • reactor dosimetry;

  • evaluation of electric signal of self powered detectors of the reactor internal monitoring system;

  • evaluation of radiating characteristics of irradiated nuclear fuel;

  • experiment quality evaluation;

  • verification and validation of databases and engineering codes;

  • evaluation of various effects, such as: gap effects, influence of environment on the cell constants, diffusion coefficient dependence on the moderator density, double heterogeneity, etc.;

  • anti-neutrino detector design;

  • design of the pulsed neutron source driven with the proton beam;

  • transmutation of actinides and fission products;

  • design of facilities for neutron doping of silicon.

Codes of the MCU family were used with reference to the following nuclear objects:

  • power reactors;

  • transport reactors;

  • space reactors;

  • research reactors;

  • storages and shipping casks;

  • Russian-American project on recycling of weapon grade plutonium;

  • high-temperature gas-coolant reactors;

  • burner of minor actinides;

  • production reactors;

  • critical stands, assemblies and reactors;

  • pilot projects of new concepts of nuclear reactors.